Dear {!firstname_fix},
After 35 years Wings Cottage has now closed.
If you are a regular at our restaurant, you will know that I have been working 7 nights a week. This has taken a toll on my health and so I have decided to retire.
This was after visiting the hospital for tests this weekend. I have been told of my health issues, the consequence of which is that it comes down to stress.
I’m sorry that I have not given you more notice, in fact I was going to close down next month.
Stella and I have had 35 wonderful years, some ups and downs, but mostly ups and we have made many, many friends.
To the thousands of people who have visited our restaurant, we want to say thank you and it was a pleasure serving you.
My retirement means I will be able to spend more time with my grandchildren and who knows I might take up a hobby, but it wont be singing in a choir like Stella does, I have a terrible singing voice Ha Ha.
I wish you well for the future and as they say in Hong Kong Zhù hǎo yùn 
Good Luck!!
Our very best wishes to you, your family and friends.
Frank and Stella

32 Alexandra Road, Farnborough, Hants GU14 6DA Tel: 01252 544 141